Welcome to the



Right now, The world needs clear calm people.  You can be one of them.

We are under construction and striving to keep up with what’s needed during the covid crisis.  Please be patient with our dust.

What we do

We are here to un ravel and release the emotions that are getting in the way


Help Me - I'm melting down

Sometimes it all gets to be too much.
We handle it together on Self Healing Saturdays.

Join the group in clearing out the stuff that just won’t leave on it’s own. 
It’s confidential and you can choose the amount a financial appreciation that works for you.


Help Others and the World

Would you like to help your loved ones, neighbors and the world at large?   Zoom with other healers from around the globe on World Healing Wednesdays, when we come together and amplify our healing gifts and send the healing out into the world.   
It’s not necessary to be a trained healer, just a willing helper.
Financial appreciation to support overhead is welcome